Our Values & Solutions Development Model

is an organization focusing on leadership development and soft competencies. With Systematic and international approved methodology aims to provide training and development programs suitable and applicable with unique needs sustainable effectiveness for each organization.

we serves the need for people development for ficancial, energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, and public sector with a range of programs fom personal effectiveness to organization strategies.

Our Mission
We will contribute to our clients by providing customized and high quality soulutions through systematic and innovative approach in order to enable effectiveness in organizations.


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Our Values

ACT – Actualized Passion, Creative Solutions, and Trusted Partner

Acctualization Passion
1. seek, Develop and deliver results with high enthusiasm
2. Develop self for better understanding on mindset process and results

Creative Solutions
1. Always look for alternative approach, updates and solution better results
2. Open for improvement and refinement through collaboration

Trusted Partner
1. Deliver what is promised
2. Trustworthy to deliver the high standard results


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Foremost Leadership and Management training programs delivered customized to individual client’s specific challenges

Provides Organizational assessment for crucial decision making at client’s organization

Focuses on Business and Human Capital Management solutions based on proven concepts and methodologies


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Impactful Presentation
is a program focusing on the skills to prepare, develop and present information / messages in a systematic way. This program proviedes around 50% exercise to ensure high achievement on the skills required.

The Effective Coach
This is the program focuses on giving effective feedback and direvtion in accordance with interpersonal communication principles which includes increasing subordinate’s self-esteem, listen with empathy, and employee invovement in problem solving process.

Is program focusing on the ability to develop trust and skills on planning, Orgaizing, Actuating, and Controlling. designed and dveloped with case studies customized to the core businesses of the respectable clients.

Problem Solving and Decision Making
Is program focusing on the ability to do Situation Analysis, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis, and Potential Problem Analysis. Delivered with high structure and lots of case studies.


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About Academy

Detailed program profile is available upon request. The profile consist of standard learning materials, further discussion with the client is a must to create a customized and suitable module. Please contact our consultant for inquiries.


Why Choose Us

  • Coach by Expert Trainer
  • Experience in Giant Company Business
  • Official Partner of Business First International
  • Fun learning, Customer Friendly, And Different

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